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Let us begin recycling more

Published:Friday | October 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM

that the clean-up to lessen the spread of chik-V is well under way,
could I call for us to quickly pass container deposit legislation, to
put a deposit on all those things that litter the road and clog the

Bottle deposits work wonderfully for beer bottles, and in
the rest of the world they work well for plastic bottles, too. In fact,
some of our local manufacturers print the deposit amount on the label: 5
US cents or 10 US cents, depending on the state.

I would suggest
that the list include the PET bottle (J$5), foam lunch box (J$5) and
scandal bag (J$2). Then I can guarantee you that the gullies and beaches
will stay clean, the recyclers will get five times the material, and
all this would be paid for by the inconsiderate, nasty people who litter
our country.

Now who can say this should not be done?


Kingston 10