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Published:Sunday | October 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The enemy

Africa, the word, the loudness and the roar.

Not for lions, zebras or tigers but Ebola

A content turning, and prospects chilling - one two, three, and counting.

Africa rises not with the soothing sun but gathering clouds.

The battle line drawn while we take cover - England, Russia, and America

Africa, the continent, more deadly than the

Cobra, more fearful than its forests it aims,

Making us sick, spreading chills, fever, and rashes.

Despite the cry, we die despite alarm, another victim, another life, another void.

Despite fears, it's here despite screening, one by one humanity falls,

Like lambs to the slaughter gathering souls despite forces,

We wait outnumbered, despite arms,

Our foe being Ebola

- Homer Sylvester


Each day I live, I try to give

But the pain consumes

Interest lost, in everything

Life seems grim

Though you wouldn't know

Sadness blooms

I feel doomed

To end my sufferings

I want death, sooner than planned

You wouldn't understand

My energies sapped

This is a different kinda normal

I hardly sleep, if at all

My appetite non-existent

This feeling of hopelessness

Or is it a mental flaw

I can't say at all

I want to die or should I crawl

My mind confused

Can't think at all

The doctors said it's depression

I'm at fault

I can be saved

But no helping hands, I'm appalled

I'm so far gone, I want to scream

I want to shout

There must be a way out

I need courage, no doubts

I want to be brave, yet I drown

in my own fear and pain, I'm forlorn

With no one to care

Depression cut me down

I hope someone will shed a tear

I'm sorry

but I'm gone now

- Charm

Tribute to women

For in the hands of women there lies sway,

Without whom there would be darkness and no day,

For even bright summer there is no compare,

To her beauty, charm and youthful flair,

For as we hail our women today,

It's right to sing, applaud and say,

Keep strong, O tireless ones,

Doing good, caring, toiling all day long

For in your hands there is a way

God be praised! He sealed you to pray

And know that your love is ever renewing

Shining non-stop like sun's rays beaming,

Woman you make all things complete

We sit and smile like a child at your feet

You pick us up and soothe our sore

We can't get enough - never less but more,

And as we say thanks to you today

Mother, beloved, sister, and friend

Ever bring forth in hope and then

Like Esther and Anna rejoice and praise

As Ruth and Mary great songs do raise,

For our brightest future still rests in your hands,

You make our Jamaica the fairest of lands.

- Andrew Brodber