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Analyse Abu Bakr's level of threat

Published:Monday | October 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: The Prime Minister has no one to thank but herself for bringing the "silly season" to Jamaica earlier than it was due. When, at the People's National Party annual conference, she boasted that she would be victorious in 2015 and 2016 the only certain result was cynicism, scepticism and political opportunism.

Then came the endless, and, I must say, a little boring season of publication of poll results. The only thing the Johnson polls didn't cover was Jamaicans' favourite flavours of ice cream.

In the midst of it all serious issues are being under-reported, poorly reported or just plainly ignored. So no one is reviewing the horrific attack on the Canadian Parliament and the similarity to what happened in the early 1990s in Trinidad; and the coincidence that it happened in the same period that Jamaica turned back a suspect of similar plots and activities.

So, as a nation, we are left to believe the Opposition and reject the Government's position about the costly deportation. May I just ask out aloud, what if there was fire behind the smoke? Is Jamaica a potential staging ground for terror plots?

I hope the media will take itself out of the silly season and a paper like The Gleaner will remember it has a 180-year-long tradition of objectively informing Jamaicans.

Before I celebrate Peter Bunting or castigate him for this $4 million deportation exercise, it would be good for some proper analysis as to the degree of threat we could possibly have faced - or not.

Carmen Malloy

Meadowbrook, St