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Daughter too soft-spoken

Published:Tuesday | October 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Q My 17-year-old daughter has the softest voice tone ever. She is a science wiz and hopes to become a medical doctor. I am trying to tell her that she has to speak up if she wants her patients to hear her and follow her instructions. How can I achieve this?

A Your daughter will not have to shout to be a successful medical doctor. She simply needs to speak in such a manner that encourages her patients to listen carefully and follow her guidance. Help her to practice looking at people while she is speaking with them.

My 15-y-o had a nervous breakdown

My 15-year-old son had a nervous breakdown last year. He was consumed with being a part of an academic programme at school and it wore him down. Since recuperation, he is at it again. How do I slow him down?

Constantly remind your son that while you want him to do well in school, most importantly, you want him to be mentally well. Continue to monitor him so that he does not relapse. Ask the psychologist/counsellor who helped him to have a few more sessions with him.

Foregoing gifts this Christmas season

My family plans to forego gifts this Christmas and use the money to buy toiletries for a children's home. Should I still secretly buy gifts for the children? They are 12, nine and seven.

You should teach your children to give without expecting anything in return. You may do something special for them when it is their birthday. Do not mention what they did at Christmas when you give them a special birthday treat. Allow them to practice total giving.

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