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Cameron, Hinds have moral high ground

Published:Wednesday | October 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I am in support of the presidents of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and West Indies Players' Association (WIPA). I commend them and hope they stand strong and resolute in their continued service to West Indies cricket. West Indies cricket is bigger than the egos of a few well-paid and dapperly suited men.

I have been a professional photographer who has covered eight Cricket World Cups and 172 Test matches, so I talk not with bombast and shallowness but with the passion and zeal of defending what past cricketing greats have built as West Indies Cricket.

Dave Cameron and Wavell Hinds have taken on ambassadorial roles instead of the old-style adversarial approach that West Indies cricket has come to be known for some time. I respect their intelligent style of leadership, as well as their business-oriented approach to the game. They are concerned not merely with a country, a set of players or individual territory, but instead lobby and work on behalf of the collective goals and ambitions of West Indies cricket.

Now the world looks on at us as a disillusioned bunch, because a few elements with the senior ranks of our team are seeking to undermine the leadership of the WICB and WIPA. Some among this current crop of cricketers do not even know the history and significance of the Caribbean game. They play cricket for self-aggrandisement, without representing the region to the fullest of their abilities.

I see the MOU as an attempt by their union to protect the players' rights and interests and ensuring all players' benefits are intact. I do not see why the senior players on tour would want to disrespect their contracts, their countries, their board and their union which have all tried to represent them well. They have embarrassed West Indies cricket.

H.G. 'Dellmarr' Samuels