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Businessman to head normalisation committee

Published:Friday | October 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC): A former chairman of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce will head FIFA's Normalisation Committee which will take charge of the administration of local football for the next year.

Clinton Urling, a businessman, will head up the committee which includes vice-president of the Guyana Olympic Association Dr Karen Pilgrim, former squash player and executive Tariq Williams, along with Stewart May and Rabin Chandarpal.

FIFA announced last week that a committee would be installed to straighten the affairs of local football, after internal fighting among members of the Guyana Football Federation led to disruption among the fraternity.

Takes job seriously

Urling said the committee planned to take its job very seriously.

"We have people with expertise in business management, marketing, and one with a great amount of knowledge about sports and how things should be done correctly," he told the Guyana Chronicle.

"So this is something we're all looking forward to, because in the end of what we have been mandated to do, Guyana will benefit tremendously."

He added: "We are all doing this voluntarily; we're not being paid a salary, but we're all looking forward to working together on this."

The committee will assume the executive powers of the GFF and will be empowered to make decisions accordingly. Likewise, Urling will assume the powers of president and will be the one to correspond with football's world governing body, FIFA.

Apart from running local football, the committee has been tasked with amending the current constitution, getting it adopted and holding fresh elections.

The committee will run until September 15 next year and answers to and can only be removed by FIFA.