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POEM OF THE WEEK - Chikungunya inna Jamaica

Published:Sunday | November 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
  • POEM OF THE WEEK  - Chikungunya inna Jamaica

The country out fi mash up,

People jus a get sick one by one,

Nuh hurricane nuh come dis year

But Mass Chikungunya tek ova di islan.

It come like hurricane, though,

A dis a natural disaster!

Who claim seh dem cya sick

Betta prepare cuz dem pride a go need whol heap a plasta!

Nuh think you too good fi sick

Bout yu immune system a steel dung yah,

Cuz even Superman seh kryptonite nuh bad

Like a di chikungunya,

All it tek is one mosquito!

Den you foot swell big,

A size 13 boot muss can fit yu!

One likkle bite, one likkle jook

Tun ordinary people inna handicap and nook.

Dis ya tragedy jus suddenly bruck out,

The country already a suffa

A now it a go suck out,

A now people a go doom

And the leaders don't care much,

Dem wouldn't mind if most a wi drop inna di tomb,

Put leaders aside, cuz dis a every man fi demself right?!

Likkle fine fine maskita a mek people a cower inna fright!

How dis come about?!

Nobody know fi sure,

But dem seh Panadol a the real and propa cure,

So get sum Panadol an hurry up an bring come,

But in the meantime, hear waah the symptom

Chik-V nuh easy, enuh, man,

It come like 15 different sickness inna one!

Aw, bwoy! Foot dem cramp up, heel string come like it sprain,

Who neva have headache a go get slap wid migraine,

Neck get stiff like it waah pop out,

Yie ball hurt aimin to drop out,

Chik-V a killa; it nuh fun, man.

People get all confused and call it chicken gunman.

Pain in a di should a go strate dung to the spine,

Nuh dancin cya gwaan cuz pain seize up di waistline!

Young people start walk wit crutch now,

Ole people a haffi lay dung inna bed,

Dis ya maskita nuh fraid a smoke

Dem bun all weed wid the dread,

Dem seh only daytime dem bite,

But mi nuh know if dat deh right

Cuz dem bite mi inna night

So dat mean dem have flashlight?!

Chik-V chase lice off a puss

An run madman out a trash

And leave victims wit wicked itchin and rash!

Who naw scratch wid wire brush a tear off dem skin wid fingatip .... (sigh)

This mosquito is called aedes aegypti

People fraid fi go out daytime,

Dem not even waah wake,

Everybody get different symptom

Sum get all toothache

Dem can live up to a month

An love clean wata,

Nuh tink yu can smell eh,

But dem have a nasty bite weh gi u wax an canal, all runnin belly,

People fraid.

Dem yah maskita wuss dan ghost.

One maskita just pass,

Mi haffi tek time talk like mi vice hoarse.

Dem nuh fraid a nutn,

Dem immune to fire.

Cross nuh work cuz dem worse than vampire,

Chikungunya nuh sweet,

An di maskita bwoy dem deh one side a kin off dem teet!

But mi a gwaan watch

Cuz if mi continue write, the words naw go hol' yah,

But if chik-V a do wi suh,

God! How mi a manage if the maskita dem go fi back up from Ebola?

- Fabian Gabay

  • Chikungunya

This menace to society is bad.

Only the blood-sucking mosquitoes are glad.

Spreading like wildfire.

It is a loose wire.

I don't even want to say its name.

It already has too much fame from making people lame.

It hit me down the other day,

And I don't even think I function the same way.

Fever, fatigue, headache, backache, muscle pain, joint pain and swelling,

It is indeed very telling.

Rash, itching, scratching and jumping like ants biting me all over.

Dizzy, but I didn't drink any bizzy.

Nose swell up and red like Rudolph the red-nose reindeer.

No lies, I have pictures to show that it was a big scare.

Never in my life have I felt so much pain.

And there was nothing for me to gain.

Lumps and bumps, couldn't even walk without a crutch.

No man! This was too much!

No appetite, food had no taste,

Ginger and garlic made my great medicinal paste.

Went on the scale and my weight was not the same.

It's so distasteful for me to even say the name.

Chikungunya, chik-V or chicken gunman and chicken gonorrhoea as some Jamaicans would say.

And the chik-V song is a popular song to play.

They even made a chikungunya dance.

But to move my body to the song, I didn't get that chance.

It's a terror and a horror and I wouldn't wish it for my worst enemy.

Thank God for making me survive this chikungunya,

Cause this sickness definitely doesn't belong ya!

- Erika Heslop Martin