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LETTER OF THE DAY - Senator Nicholson guilty of no wrong

Published:Tuesday | November 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: As is the case with bandwagons in Jamaica, the one going to and fro with the condemnation of A.J. Nicholson for a sotto voce remark about "flexi-rape" has already become overloaded and confusing.

If the minister's comment is examined within the context of what Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte said, there is no way a conclusion can be drawn that he was being disrespectful to women, or that he was being insensitive to their vulnerability to the despicable act of rape.

To date, I have not heard or seen one condemnation that seeks to lift the issue from the realm of emotion to one to which asks the question: How can we interpret what Minister Nicholson said since the two words alone that came from his lips cannot be used to determine his intention?

Nothing but sexism

If Madam Prime Minister should listen to the women's demand for a crucifixion and remove the minister, it will no doubt be viewed by a lot of women as a major victory in their quest for dominance.

The fact is, women have been whiffing the intoxicating aroma of power for some time now, and they are hell-bent on having it fully in their grasp. A minimum of parliamentary representation should be reserved for them, and the same privilege be given them in the boardroom. What next? Will they also want to be the fathers of our children?

But they know that this objective can only be achieved if everything distinctly male is overturned. So Kingston College old boys' exclusion of women from their annual reunion banquet must now cease and desist because according to the guest speaker, the practice reeks of perpetuating an exclusionary culture.

Since when does the desire of men to gather by themselves reflect exclusivity? And it would be nice to hear what Senator Sandrea Falconer finds backward in men wanting to do things by themselves.

Women should be reminded to be very careful about how they move forward with this crave since it is well known that 'craven choke puppy'.