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Replace old losers with young blood

Published:Tuesday | November 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM

view of the embarrassing failures of the Simpson Miller administration,
I suggest that she immediately shuffle her ministrels - sorry,
ministers. The foreign affairs minister needs to go. I am shocked at
Sandrea Falconer's inability as a communicator since her substantive
role before politics was in that field.

Look at the bright, young
talent in the party. I'm thinking of Dr Dayton Campbell. The young
doctor is not only an accomplished doctor, but a lawyer, too.

has arranged with his colleagues to conduct free medical checks on
shut-ins in his constituency, set up mobile clinics, establish homework
programmes, and encourage entrepreneurship among those not academically

He is an independent thinker. If Portia Simpson Miller
is indeed a lover of youth, why isn't she trying them in the face of the
old losers she now has in place?


Irish Town, St Andrew