Tue | Sep 25, 2018

Yendi stronger than average woman

Published:Friday | November 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I am disturbed by the villainisation of Yendi Phillipps. There may be many theories explaining this, but I would like to challenge some of you who leave vicious comments on articles and pictures in social media and on the street.

Yendi Phillipps is Jamaican woman who has been strong enough to leave her relationships and move on when she felt she has needed to do so. This makes her stronger than the average Jamaican woman.

We all know women who are being cheated on, controlled, abused, live in fear of leaving what they have currently to find themselves or find a more healthy relationship.

I would like to challenge the critics of Yendi to assess if they could do the same, if they have tried to encourage a friend, a cousin, a sister to move on. And maybe, even just for a second, imagine that she is not the villain.