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Workforce built on efforts of HR staff

Published:Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Human-resources (HR) professionals will forever be the epitome of the adage, 'The humbleness of our character allows us to be trampled upon.'

Imagine my surprise a day ago when a university student retorted that he doesn't see the importance of human-resource management and how it could benefit a company. "Anyone can hire and fire," he said.

This statement backs up the preconceived notion that that is all HR professionals do.

Consider the following:

  • Who decides how much you get paid and what you are paid for?
  • Who designs compensation packages that includes those great perks such as that stipend you use to top up your vehicle on petrol?
  • Who decides when you get a raise and what are the measures used in determining such?

Minus the function of HRM from any of the above situations and what you'll have is a disadvantaged workforce that lacks the skill, motivation and efficiency needed to help the company attain its goals.

While we may be a cost centre in the eyes of those who rely solely on readily available metrics to calculate value, it is the work of HR professionals that has placed many firms at the top of their relative industries. Without HUMAN CAPITAL, it is virtually impossible to get anything done, and without very careful selection of the RIGHT types of employees for the RIGHT organisational functions - but one aspect of HRM - many organisations wouldn't be where they were today.

Without attractive incentives to retain the employees that were in the selection process deemed the right fit, what we'd have are companies that are perpetually stuck in a cycle of failure.

Furthermore, for anyone to disparage the value of the department dedicated to you the employee (while all others are dedicated to the company and profit-making) could be equated to an employee saying he or she is of no importance to their firm.

This is not to suggest that HR professionals are solely responsible for the success of every organisation there is, but what is due unto Caesar should be given.


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