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Mega distress at MegaMart

Published:Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Permit me to share what I consider to be the worst customer service I have experienced in recent times. This most unfortunate ordeal occurred at the bakery of MegaMart, Portmore.

After our planned function for Saturday evening, we ensured we were meticulous in our planning and scheduling, as the event was scheduled for a particular venue with time constraints - hence the significance of starting early.

We had ordered our pastry from as early as Thursday of said week. In an effort to ensure as little disruption as possible, we called again, 2 p.m., the day of pick-up, and were told by the agent there that our order was ready.

Shortly before 6 p.m. upon arrival, we were flabbergasted to learn that our order was not ready, as previously assured and, worse yet, we were informed there was no evidence of it. After falling into a state of confusion and asking the same questions repeatedly, the customer service agents almost began insisting that we may have erred and it may have been MegaMart at Waterloo Road that we contacted.

We were not amused. At this point, someone seemingly operating in the capacity of a supervisor attended to us, which barely made any difference. After repeating the same questions and being provided with the same answers, she went on to insinuate that it could not have been an order at the Portmore location. This we found to be pretty insulting.

After a massive search campaign, voila, our order was located! Panic ensued. Back and forth they went, taking much of our precious time away. We were forced to wait as they completed the decoration of the cake, something which we ensured a concerted effort was made to avoid. This not only ate away precious time, causing great inconvenience for us, but forced a rush of activities at our function because of limited time.

I call on the management of MegaMart Portmore to make good of their promise of the 'Best Value By Far', as value is not only defined in monetary terms.

My disappointment was further exacerbated by the fact that we still had to pay full price for such poor service. Is the company that indispensable and profitable that it has become so uncaring about its customers?


St Catherine