Mon | Oct 15, 2018

NHT refund brings couple to tears

Published:Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM


On Saturday, November 1, I read an article in your paper ('Problems with my NHT refund') in which one Mr Paul Samuels outlined the difficulty in collecting his National Housing Trust refund. My letter qualifies that his experience is not an isolated incident.

I found this article while my wife was waiting for her refund payout, and hoped that she would not have had a similar experience. Unfortunately, it turns out that we were hoping in vain. Jamaica appears to be a place where racketeers rule.

My wife worked for 14 years and, as stipulated by law, a percentage of her earnings was deducted. Sadly, of all the years she worked, she was only given one year's worth of payment, the same time frame Mr Samuels said he was paid for.

We migrated 12 years ago, and recently decided to apply for our refunds. All of the appropriate documents were submitted, and we eagerly awaited payment. Our suspicions arose, however, when the payment became overdue. On Tuesday, November 4, a little more than $6,000 was credited to our Jamaican bank account. Needless to say, we could do little else but cry.

On phoning the Trust to vent my outrage, I was told that my wife had already applied for, and received, payment for the other years. This information was not given to her in an email sent to her the same day that I telephoned. In addition to this, a sort of generic email was issued from the Trust, stating that my wife's case was under review and that she would be contacted as soon as this was completed.

The NHT is a government entity, and there are too many complaints of government corruption. It goes without saying that this type of behaviour is unspeakable, and what has happened at the NHT is putrid.

I am deeply saddened that Jamaica has treated its citizens in such a brazen and disgusting manner, and I hope others will come forward and make these sorts of happenings public. We need our money back. All of it!