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JLP must unite for victory

Published:Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM


"I believe in party unity and I think it is important that, whatever happens, we move forward as a united team."

So said attorney-at-law, Comrade Michael Erskine, after his defeat to Dwayne Vaz, in the Central Westmoreland People's National Party (PNP) selection, to replace the late Roger Clarke.

This is the unchallenged mantra of the PNP. Its members are monolithic in their commitment to their party and its leader, not so with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

Labourites have the nasty habit of imploding at the drop of a hat, each person behaving as if he or she is a prima donna.

Now that the JLP is leading in the polls, it's no time for complacency. If the Labourites intend to win the next election, they must unite behind their leader, whether they like him or not, and be committed to the cause. Spitefulness, envy and personal ambition must give way to unity and solidarity.

If the JLP does not seize this golden opportunity and unite, unquestionably, behind their leader, they may find themselves in the wilderness for many years like the Liberal party in the United Kingdom.


Port Maria, St Mary