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Causing havoc in Portmore, NWC a law unto itself

Published:Saturday | November 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Based on two issues within the Portmore area, I am forced to ask two questions: Does the National Water Commission (NWC) care about its customers? And is the company serious about water conservation?

On the Newland main road in Portmore travelling from Cumberland, heading towards Joong Supermarket, there have been numerous broken water mains. For months, water ran along the roadway, causing a nuisance to motorists and pedestrians alike. Overgrown shrubbery covered the area in which the water was running, and the mosquito population increased.

Despite several calls to the NWC, nothing was done. This was until last week Tuesday. On passing one of the broken water mains in front of the Cumberland and West Cumberland housing schemes, there were workmen repairing the broken water main. This resulted in water lock-offs within the area.

Now, a week later, the water is again running, at the same water main that was repaired. Oh, and did I mention that the roadway dug up by the NWC is still unrepaired?

Another issue is the Gregory Park main road, in the vicinity of Cedar Grove Academy, which was dug up by the NWC as far back as March this year, to run a pipe into the school.

For months, the road is still unrepaired. This has caused numerous traffic crawls daily and motorists having to repair their front ends quite frequently.

Who monitors the actions of the NWC? Whose responsibility is it to repair the roads dug up by the NWC? Isn't anyone held accountable?


Gregory Park PO

St Catherine