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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | November 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
  • White powder

1. People in the know say the gentleman's love of the white powder is working against his political aspirations. Which reminds us that what is done in the darkness will surely come to light by and by.

  • Not good!

2. There are some sleazy people in our country who will attach themselves to otherwise decent people simply to exploit their connections. Beware folks, not everyone who comes around shouting out ideas is good for business.

  • Pay up!

3. While we acknowledge that the health system is under dire strain - shortage of needles, syringes etc. - things would be way better if patients would pay their bills for hospital services. And don't believe only the poor can't find the money to pay, some who appear quite affluent are not honouring their debts.

  • Sex toys

4.  A pastor's wife selling sex toys? This one is not sitting well with the congregation. But Pastor is not perturbed; he says there are no Christians in the bedroom.