Tue | Oct 23, 2018

Do not insult our intelligence!

Published:Thursday | November 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The explanation provided by Prime Minister Simpson Miller regarding the NHT purchase of the Orange Grove/Valley (Outameni) property reiterates the continued insult the intelligence of the Jamaican population. The NHT has far outgrown its original mandate, with assets greater than the commercial banks, but instead of investing and redirecting the finances to meet the needs of the emerging population, the 'Trust' has opted to divest into tourism.

Unless there is gold or some precious gem of great national value on the acreage of the property, then $180 million is overpriced. Whether or not it included "property, a generator, fuel tank and office furniture", it's still overpriced and it doesn't take a realty valuator to tell. Don't insult our intelligence.

A scan of the lands for sale in Trelawny, much larger than this property, shows they are significantly lower in price. What's so great about it that we had to spend $180 million with the intentions of investing more? Does it have a significant role in national development, more specifically housing and infrastructure?

If the NHT is unsure as to where to allocate the funds, then they can increase the loan limit to professionals who can afford it. If they had any clue what the real estate market was like, they would know that $4.5 million cannot buy a house, much less a studio apartment. Don't even start on the starter homes. If you spin your roll three times, you knock the wall 12 times!

Mrs Simpson Miller, don't annoy me. As the PM, such a large transaction came to your attention after the media carried it? Clearly there's a disconnect between yourself, the Cabinet and the public agencies. Are persons like Easton Douglas et al allowed to enter into such deals without your approval or knowledge?

Just be honest with us, this is our consolidated funds, you are accountable to us and not yourself.

Timothy Cawley