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I'd rather go to my grave a spinster, Lyston

Published:Friday | November 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:When I first came across Steve Lyston's article (Gleaner, 'Marital rape: an attack on Christian principles', November 10, 2014), to say I was highly offended is an understatement. To use the Bible to justify something as vile and disgusting as rape is beyond my comprehension.

It left me wondering if this gentleman had any female relatives or, quite frankly, if he had lost his mind. It seems that he had forgotten that the God who authored the very Bible that he quoted from repeatedly gave us FREE WILL. If God himself will not force obedience, what makes him think that he, or any other man, has the right?

I freely admit that I am no Christian and that I have fallen so far from God, I sometimes wonder if I will ever find my way back. I also make no claims to being able to quote scriptures. However, I do know and believe that there is no way that God would condone or reward the harming of His children.

How can someone who calls himself a Christian, and an educated individual at that, put forward such preposterous ideas. If submitting anytime a man gets an itch is what I have to look forward to as a Christian or a married woman, not only will I be single for the rest of my life, but I think I'll also take my chances as a sinner.

Thank you, Ms Davia Andrews (Gleaner, 'So we should just spread 'em and take it, huh?', November 1, 2014) for so eloquently putting together the words that I myself could not find to adequately express my annoyance and displeasure.