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Haliborange Ebola Facts

Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM


As of the November 12 World Health Organization update, a total of 564 health-care workers have been infected with the deadly Ebola virus, 320 of whom have died.

A critical aspect of the response to the Ebola outbreak is the prompt and accurate diagnosis of cases.

All Ebola-affected districts are reported to have laboratory support. 13 laboratories have the capacity to confirm Ebola cases - five in each of Liberia and Sierra Leone, and three in Guinea. These laboratories serve 24 affected districts in Guinea, 15 in Liberia and 14 in Sierra Leone.

Between 1,150 and 1,170 samples are tested daily in laboratories in the three countries. The maximum testing capacity for each laboratory ranges from 50 to 300 samples per day.

Effective contact tracing ensures registered contacts of confirmed Ebola cases are identified and visited daily to monitor the onset of symptoms during the 21-day incubation period. Contacts presenting symptoms should be promptly isolated to prevent further disease transmission.