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Police not prejudiced towards Chinese

Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The police detractors just cannot seem to concede to the bold initiatives of the police that seek to actively address issues that undermine safety and security in Jamaica, especially among vulnerable groups.

Recently, the newly installed commissioner of police, Dr Carl Williams, conducted a walk-through of the busy downtown commercial district, accompanied by the Chinese ambassador to Jamaica. This move was in a bid to restore confidence and strengthen partnerships between the police and the Chinese business community following a spate of robberies and break-ins targeting the mentioned group.

The detractors have stooped to the most ignorant and pre-colonial level of reasoning, accusing the police of placing preference on a particular group and ignoring their very own 'black brother', seeing 'him' as inferior to other groups. Why do people confine their reasoning prowess within a match-box when the world is there to explore?

Dr Williams has immense knowledge of policing in a contemporary society and knows well the positive yields of forming partnerships and policing as a service. Partnerships, which he knows cannot be achieved by sitting in his office at 103 Old Hope Road, but through donning his shades and braving the sweltering heat of the sun to have intimate bilateral interactions with critical stakeholders. Service that seeks to understand and address the problems of each group individually and tailor solutions specific to their needs.

This is not prejudice. This is proximity policing, closing the gap that exists between the police and citizens, restoring investor confidence and rebuilding the trust. I am sure if other groups wrote to the commissioner expressing a challenge, he would have done the same thing without giving a second thought.

We should be commending the commissioner of police for taking this bold initiative and further encouraging him to continue and to meet with all the vulnerable groups who have been, or are, at risk at some form of victimisation, whether personally or through his deputies.

Let us rally around Commissioner Williams and the hard-working men and women of the Jamaican police service and join in to strengthen the force of this wind of change.



Old Harbour, St Catherine