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Don't frame KC old boys!

Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Thanks for allowing me to respond to Professor Carolyn Cooper's article titled 'KC old boys desire male sex', which appeared in The Sunday Gleaner of November 9, 2014. While respecting Professor Cooper for her opinion and sympathising with her for her apparent vexation over the matter, I must stress that the article was rather deceptive and has completely obscured the true purpose of the KC old boys' annual dinner, which, to my understanding, was traditionally designed for the old students to meet and interact. This, of course, has absolutely no correlation with male-female desire or sexual preference, so don't frame KC old boys!

Professor Cooper wrote: "It must be quite difficult for these old boys to adjust and learn to enjoy the company of women their natural inferiors." To me, this is gross nonsense because almost everyone knows that KC boys/old boys are well accustomed to women, who they don't necessarily perceive to be inferiors. Whenever the occasions arise, they wine and dine with women straight upfront and not on any down-low basis as described.

However, what should be clearly understood is that there are certain occasions when an individual or an institution needs his/its own private space, which is quite normal. What Professor Cooper might need to understand is that when old boys meet, they have a tendency to chat much about their past intimate relationships with women, and these arguments can sometimes become very distasteful and indecent for ladies. The question is, will the ladies be happy and comfortable under such climate?

Many times it's because the ladies are well respected why they are not invited to certain occasions because they may very well hear things they didn't really want to hear. Next thing, the man has a 'long face' to deal with when they both get home.

Don't frame KC old boys, Professor Cooper!