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Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | November 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM
  • Microwave food

1. Many experts are doubtful about the health benefits of using a microwave to prepare food. Yet one of our local purveyors of fine foods seems to specialise in offering mostly nuked portions.

  • Lovebirds!

2. It was the unveiling weekend for the lovebirds. What better place to exhibit PDA than at a parley of colleagues? On display was a younger model of the discarded one.

  • House question time

3. Some of our career politicians have been sitting in the Parliament for so many years, yet they do not really understand the importance of ministers answering questions tabled in the honourable house. The body language and utterances suggest the exercise is a chore being done out of malice. Sorry, but it comes with the territory.

  • Home-grown obeah

4. We have come to understand that not all obeah is home-grown. Seems that a brand from North America is thriving in the west. The props are still the same and the potions smell like the original rubbings, only the accent is different.