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LETTER OF THE DAY - NDM has betrayed promise to Jamaica

Published:Wednesday | November 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The National Democratic Movement (NDM) entered the political arena as a welcome third option, a viable contender to the status quo in Jamaica.

But after the last general election, I've had to ask myself: Where is the NDM? Has the organisation neglected its mandate or is the party just advocating from behind?

As an NDM representative said on Nationwide News on November 13, 2014, the party is in "rebuilding mode", which is a possible explanation for its general absence from the political sphere over the last few years. But it seems to me that the party is actually in hibernation mode! One would even wonder if it has long been dissolved!

With by-elections around the corner, both the JLP and PNP will push campaigns. But the NDM has nothing to show. Has the 19-year-old party given up? Where are its leaders? Where is the drive and tenacity that launched the party?

The NDM has now stated that it is not ready for local government elections, and will possibly contest the general election, depending on when it's called. Such uncertainty gives me no confidence in the party's leadership and I am left wondering, what has the NDM been doing these past few years? Or is the voting public to understand that the NDM will only surface when the tides are less rough?


For such a bold entrance to the Jamaican political arena back in 1995, I am not convinced that the NDM is truly dedicated to spreading its political ideology. One would have expected the party to maintain a strong presence in media and various constituencies, especially those most forgotten by the JLP and PNP. But the Jamaican populace remains largely unaware of the main characters running this political organisation and what core values underpin the party.

I can only conclude now that NDM really stands for No Dedication Movement.


Mandeville, Manchester