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NHT satire exemplary stuff

Published:Wednesday | November 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Maria Hitchins' letter, 'Buy my house, please, NHT' (Gleaner, November 18, 2014), was a piece of brilliance. If ever there was a masterpiece - an exemplar of how to use satire, this was it! Her use of ridicule to expose and criticise foolishness, inadequacies and corruption was an excellent cut.

One of the tenets of great communication is having a grasp on your audience. Before we write it, it is good advice to reflect on the mood of the readers and the way in which they may prefer to read and understand.

Literary devices are interesting tools and beautiful artistic structures that writers use to help convey messages. Ms Hitchins was successful in her desire to derive a reaction of contempt from, I dare say, us all. BRAVO!


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