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Lambert Brown an arrogant lout

Published:Wednesday | November 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Why does Lambert Brown behave as if he has an entitlement to sit on the board of the National Housing Trust? His arrogance is intolerable.

As he is the mouthpiece of the prime minister, Portia Simpson Miller, he ought to have known by now how to exercise some amount of humility while doing public service. He has not one inch of diplomatic decency or political correctness.

Since the NHT debacle, Mr Brown has sought to take on the Opposition and media while giving the impression that he is above question. He, on one occasion, questioned whether a journalist who was interviewing him outside of the NHT HQ was an idiot.

Make no mistake: He has a right to defend himself; no one is taking that from him. However, assertiveness and being downright tastelessly indecent are two very different things, and the prime minister needs to either rein him in or revoke his appointment to all public offices, including the senate.

As long as he is a senator and member of the NHT board, Mr Brown must understand that in those capacities, he is a servant of the people and not the way around.

The prime minister, herself, has a similar attitude when she is being probed or asked comment and or clarify issues. Her behaviour at last week Tuesday's session of the parliament was not prime ministerial. Seemingly getting upset and annoyed because of questioning made the prime minister appear weak and vulnerable.

This sort of behaviour by our elected and appointed public officials has no place in modern-day governance. Separate and apart from political bantering, public officials must learn to communicate without resorting to personal attacks.

If these people cannot serve the country with humility and demonstrate respect for those seeking answers, they must not offer themselves up for public office.