Fri | Sep 21, 2018

A requiem to Obama?

Published:Thursday | November 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM


This young President has tried his best to do what's right for America, but he has been stymied on every hand by his opponents, on both right and left.

Many coded words have been used to disparage him, and to show that 'he's not one of us': e.g. questions about his birth, his religious affiliation, his alleged socialist/communist leanings.

He has been called a liar and other derogatory things. But despite all these slurs and underhand attempts to undermine him, he has kept on smiling.

But he faced an uphill battle from the start, and still does. His colour is only just one small part of the problem: It's not so much about his mixed race.

The real problem is that he is an outsider - he's not a part of the good-old boys' system of politics, wealth, and power. He has no real family connections to the old boys' network. This is a camaraderie that is underpinned by a code of honour.

This code involves on one hand an aggressive, defensive, and offensive posture towards those who don't share the same, or similar racial or ethnic identities, and privileges with them; and, necessitates, on the other hand, a partying or rollicking way of life to which these old boys subscribe.

To this club, this new kid on the block, Obama, is not welcome.