Fri | Jan 18, 2019

NHT boardstewardship is scandalous

Published:Friday | November 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM


So much has been said about what has been touted as the Outameni bailout by the National Housing Trust (NHT) board. It is a scandalous not only on the NHT, but more so the minister with responsibility for the agency, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

It is very strange that the prime minister and the chairman of the housing board have been singing different tunes about the purchase of Outameni. The country was told that only land was purchased, and that another $20 million is still needed to purchase copyright and other assets on the property. However, the prime minister mentioned in Parliament that the entity would be used for the edification of students and stopover visitors. What's really happening?

I'm very concerned with the prime minister's statement in Parliament that a feasibility study will be done. How can a responsible government entity conduct a study after spending taxpayers' hard-earned $180 million? This is totally unacceptable and the prime minister must now act (or maybe she can't). The board must be dismissed immediately.

What exactly is happening at NHT? The prime minister must now understand that her administration has been shooting itself in the leg by signalling that it does not adhere to international best practices in governance.


Gordon Town, St Andrew