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Published:Sunday | November 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM



Sound the alarm

Chikungunya is here

Causing confusion to everyone

How could they say it's not here

Sound the alarm

Blow the trumpet

Chikungunya is here

It's all around

This is not a joke

Gear up with your Panadol and Cetamol

Chikungunya escape from under its cover

Without fear or respect for man, woman, boy or girl

It attacks every class of people

It attacks like a thief in the night

Throws you on your bed in a flash

Throws you on the ground in a flash

Try to stoop, the knees can't bend

Try to make a fist, the fingers can't bend

Chikungunya aches, it pains

It swells the joints

All I know is it don't come to joke

These mosquitoes bite only in the day

So rub on wrap up in the day

To protect yourselves from the dreadful

Chikungunya mosquitoes dem

Dis is a waanin

- V.O. Ricketts

New Born

The poem no longer repressed

Forces quickly upward

And births itself


Its arrival



Covered in the slime of uncertainty,

Rejection and fear it bares

An innocent face

And opens wide

Too-new lungs

With screams -





- Laveta Mead

Our weaknesses

A heavy heart visit to the hospital,

more likely to your bedside,

you are all covered,

not even an hole small as needle eye,

condition barely alive,

caught up in something that caused your tears to be blood coming from your eyes.

Can't wait to see the day when you walk out,

still in possession of your life,

hoping that I would not have to return a next time,

you have changes all over,

your pillow the closest thing to a shoulder,

need help but no one is willing to hold you, doctors confirmed another case of Ebola.

A thousand cards next to the bed you lay,

some offering prayers for those who pray,

but overall everyone wishing you will be ok,

the chances of survival are limited,

but the only way to give up on life is when you are dead,

you unresponsive wondering what is going through your head.

No amount of words could express how you feel,

weakness in the entire body yet can't eat a meal,

I am surprised think my eyes are fooling me,

a lot of bumps and blood you bleed, helplessness,

isolation at an hospital it is a great deal,

losing those you love, whilst awaiting the answers from above,

it shows the dependents and weaknesses in all of us.

- Emil Simms