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Gift-giving etiquette

Published:Monday | November 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM

In this season, when gifts will be passed back and forth and between friends rather rapidly, you might be wondering about the proper etiquette involved in gift giving.

Well, we have done some research for you. The following are some pointers to proper gift giving.

Gifts, no matter what they are, should be received in the manner in which it's been given - as a heartfelt gesture.

If you did not think about giving your giver a gift, kindly thank your gift giver. Don't stumble all over yourself in embarrassment because you didn't plan a gift for him or her.

Make a gift-buying budget and never exceed it.

There is nothing wrong with giving a gift certificate.

Giving gift certificates for specialty items such as food, wine, movies or coffee make great gifts.

Sending a 'thank you' to all those who gave you a gift adds holiday cheer and gets you an A+ in the etiquette book.

Wrong gifts

Sometimes, gift recipients must contend with gifts that should never be given. This includes a bathroom scale given to a woman. Anything too personal should be avoided when shopping for someone outside your inner circle of family and friends.

Scents would be a real mistake. A bathrobe wouldn't be appropriate, or underwear. Do not buy women appliances - unless she is into that - weight loss gift certificates or cellulite spa treatments. For men, steer clear of anything cutesy like sexy underwear, or anything like an 'I love you' balloon with candy.