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Rape is rape, Mr Boyne

Published:Monday | November 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am hopping mad and so disappointed that a man of the assumed calibre of Ian Boyne can be so blinkered and small-minded that he supports the belief that marital rape cannot exist legally or otherwise.

With such rampant belief among the men of Jamaica, I feel sorry for Jamaican women or any women married to Jamaican men.

I did not realise that when a woman says "I do", she gives away her right to personal freedom to say, "No, not tonight, darling." Someone wrote recently that Jamaicans can't reason, and now I agree. I have never heard such a load of tosh in my life.

I thank God that I was educated abroad because if this is the level of belief among educated Jamaicans, then we are lost, lost, lost.

Mr Boyne even has the nerve to use the Bible to support his wicked belief.

I will say this in parting, anyone, male or female, from the youngest to the oldest, who is forced against their will to take part in sexual intercourse with another, in or out of marital or concubinage relationship, has been raped. This is the case in all civilised countries.

I recognise lately that some of the arguments that have been put forward by Jamaicans at all levels, and some of our behaviour, do suggest that we are far from civilised. No wonder we need visas to be allowed into other people's countries.

Marcia Williams