Fri | Sep 21, 2018

Shame on MPs backing light thieves

Published:Tuesday | November 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I read in The Gleaner of Sunday, November 23, 2014 that some members of parliament were peeved by the Jamaica Public Service Company's (JPS) anti-theft efforts. They were said to be reportedly upset with the JPS for its aggressive approach to the theft of electricity in their constituencies.

As much as we struggle with the rates, and there is no love lost among its customers, the JPS has a right to collect money for the service it provides. There is no free electricity, and when the residents steal it, the rest of us who pay up are 'carrying' them.

Stealing electricity is a crime. Whether it is done in a low-income or upper-class neighbourhood, it is despicable. It is equally appalling whether done by a haphazardly boarded-up corner shop or Big Business.

I cry shame, disgust and disgrace on anyone who encourages thievery, especially our MPs, lawmakers and civic leaders! By opposing the JPS's loss-reduction exercise, politicians who turn a blind eye and defend stealing are enforcing a culture of crime and dependency.



Kingston 6