Tue | Sep 25, 2018

Mr Nicholson's apology

Published:Thursday | November 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM

There ought to be in Jamaica a new and deeper respect for the character of A.J. Nicholson, the long-serving legislator who is leader of government business in the Senate and also the island's foreign minister.

Three weeks ago, provoked by an argument of illogic by a fellow senator, Mr Nicholson, in a poor attempt at glibness and ill-conceived pass at humour, made his unfortunate remark about "flexi-rape" then resisted demands from colleagues to apologise. When he did, his recantation was grudging, suggesting insensitivity to the matter of rape, or the dynamics of gender relations. That was unfortunate, for we do not believe, whatever else you think of him, that is a true portrayal of Mr Nicholson.

His apology in the Senate last week was redeeming. There can hardly have been a mea culpa by a public official that has been as poignant or as extensive. He not only acknowledged his fault on the occasion, but the fact that "rape is certainly no joke. It provides no occasion for amusement or thoughtless banter".

We accept Mr Nicholson's apology with the apparent genuineness with which it was made.