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Don't take Lennie out of context

Published:Saturday | November 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:Your editorial on November 28, 2014 titled 'NHT: Now that there is a quorum' said, in part: "The matter has embraced some of those broader issues, but has unfortunately morphed into a supposed scandal about a cash-rich agency bailing out a perceived supporter of the governing party whose enterprise had foundered.

"The NHT board, under its chairman, Easton Douglas, added fuel to that narrative by attempting to spin its way out of pressure with claims that the Trust had merely bought land on which to build houses, which would have made this an extremely expensive acquisition. Lennie Little-White compounded an unfortunate situation with his silly remarks of there being no complaints when white and brown Jamaicans received government bailouts."

While most reasonable persons would find favour with the general thrust of your editorial, it displayed a lack of attention to detail with the juxtaposition of two separate issues as if they were one. The Gleaner published on Monday, November 17, 2014 an article titled 'Little-White: Black people deserve write-offs, too'.

The following was stated in that article: "Former operator of Outameni Experience, Lennie Little-White, is questioning if "black people" should not get government help, as he responded to criticisms that the Government wrote off his entity's debt with the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ)."

Little-White's comments were in relation to a write-off by the Development Bank of Jamaica of a debt owed by him to that institution, not an investment made by the NHT. Your editorial suggests that his statement had to do with an investment decision by the NHT, which unfortunately is not particularly useful in helping the public to engage in a rational discourse on the management of NHT funds, which was the general thrust of your editorial.


Lecturer of Economics