Sun | Jan 20, 2019

Drug Serv Union Square - service par excellence

Published:Wednesday | December 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM


No good deed should go unrecognised. I refer to my first visit to the government-funded Drug Serv pharmacy at Union Square, Cross Roads, St Andrew.

I got to the pharmacy half an hour before closing time, with my distinct perception being that I was about to enter the torture chamber. I believed I would have been there for the next four hours.

What I experienced was a pleasant surprise. First impression: The security guards were not mean and grumpy, but cool-headed, professional and clearly respectful in giving directives to the public.

The pharmacy staff, led by the reassuring example of Donna Thomas, processed the prescription I presented, without a dollar being paid over. Importantly, I was out of the building after only one and a half hours.

Bravo to you all! Keep up the excellent service.