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LIME, where is the customer service?

Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I was hoping that I did not have to use this platform. However, I am left with no choice. On the night of November 24, 2014, I was paying my bills online and mistakenly sent a large sum of money to my LIME account to be paid. Yes, I could have slapped myself if I had known what I had just done.

On the morning of the 25th, I decided to go online and review my payments and later saw my error. Recognising this, I immediately called the bank and was told that I would have to get in contact with LIME.

When I called LIME to report the matter, I was informed that the amount was not yet reflected on my account and that it would be best that I go into the customer service office as soon as possible. This I did within 10 minutes.

When I went to the office on Half-Way Tree Road, I was told that the amount sent was not yet reflected on the account. The officer then made a call to the Accounts Department and reported the matter. The officer informed me that I would be reimbursed by the end of the week.

On Thursday, November 27, I decided to make a follow-up call. After several attempts to call the head office on Carlton Crescent, I asked to speak with a representative from the Accounts Department. I was then transferred to what sounded like a call outside of Jamaica. I was now speaking to someone who had a Spanish accent.

They informed me that the amount due on my account was withdrawn and I could let the remaining amount stay on the account. I indicated that I wished not to do so, as I had other commitments. They later indicated that I should go into the head office.

Subsequently, on going to the head office the same day, a representative informed me that there was a process and that they were unable to tell me when it would be resolved. The representative later gave me two email addresses, from which, at the time of writing, November 30, I am yet to get a response.

If this is what true customer service is in Jamaica, we are in serious problems. The matter could have been resolved if, from the outset, the officer in the Accounts Department did something. But nothing was done.

How do I get back my money? When do I get back my money? What do I do until then? Who is actually dealing with the matter? This I have no answer to. Lime, where is the customer service? Perhaps if I go in to close my account, that would prompt some action, which is my next step.

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