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Vote bribery indicts PNP

Published:Tuesday | December 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM


People's National Party (PNP) General Secretary Paul Burke agrees that some supporters of the ruling party bought votes just to ensure that Dwayne Vaz won by a wide margin.

Both political parties face huge financial challenges. How can they afford to buy votes?

Burke also said in an interview on Nationwide, while commenting on the "articulate minority", that persons on social media and those who consistently write to newspapers and get their letters published are giving the impression that their opinions reflect those of the majority of Jamaicans.

We who write to newspapers cannot determine when and if an editor will publish our letters. You can write what, in your mind, is a brilliant letter and it never gets published. We cannot bribe an editor by paying J$5,000 to publish our letters. You are never assured that it will be printed.

Mr Burke has a far greater problem. He is general secretary of a party that obviously cannot lose the next general election. If they are buying votes in an election, which they are certain to win, can you imagine what they would resort to if they even think that they could lose?

The pertinent question here is with the Survey of Living Conditions telling us that Jamaicans are getting poorer and poorer. What is it that you and your can't-lose party are going to do about this?

Impoverished Jamaicans whom you can help and whose lives you promise to make better are forced to take a bribe so that many in your party can live at a higher standard of living than we ever will.


Siloah PO, St Elizabeth