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LETTER OF THE DAY - Needed: Better crop of parliamentarians

Published:Thursday | December 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am not surprised at the recent decision by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People's National Party (PNP) to take public monies to fund their private political interests. Indeed, it now allows me to give them the official stamp of BEGGARS INCORPORATED in addition to the other official stamps of INEPTITUDE and NEPOTISM.

The bright ones on either side think that they are smartly justifying this; some of them even saying it is being done already, thus maybe suggesting that the Government is already involved in the scamming of Jamaicans. Dr Commissioner, who is going to bell the cats in the HOUSE?

I do not know if anyone knows this, but some of the beggars on the streets make more than the minimum wage, and all they had to do to engage in this practice is to do away with their pride and any semblance of dignity. I know sometimes you will end up in a spot and have to BORROW a few dollars here and there, but when you become a professional beggar, that is cause for grave concern.

The nation is and has always been in crisis mode because when you look at the psyche of our politicians it has always been about the disrespect of the very people they govern, and the people put up with this because they feel that government is made up of the BIGGER HEADS. So whatever these bigger heads do, it is only because NO ONE could come up with any other alternatives.


1. We need a new non-aligned group of fairly intelligent people to start canvassing for a third party - a party made up of persons who are not affiliated to either JLP or PNP. A group made up of persons who know what it means to run a successful business or be a part of the management of one.

2. These parties need to engage the nation in open discussion on political reform, including drastic changes to the Constitution.

3. I encourage young persons and professionals to form these groupings and come up with ideas about how they want their country to be run.

4. Concerning the massive debt the country has on its books, we need to bring the issue of reparations to the UN floor and get other nations supporting this cause, because other countries have been receiving reparations even for causes that nowhere matched the atrocities of slavery that were brought on by the British on my people. A people who still cherish and revere such a still-cruel master and institutions; albeit, now with their smiling faces.

I know people believe in this idea that politics is not for them, but, trust me, when all is said and done, politics decides how we eat if we are able to make the connections, that is.

We need a better crop of parliamentarians, persons who understand technology and how it can improve and make the nation more efficient. India has already had a nuclear physicist as its president, and it is a republic.

Let's roll!