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St Ann traffic changes to be made permanent

Published:Wednesday | December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

ST ANN'S BAY, St Ann:PLEASED WITH the improved traffic flow in St Ann's Bay since changes were implemented on November 3, the St Ann Parish Council is to recommend that the changes be gazetted to make them permanent.

According to Councillor Ian Bell, chairman of the Physical Planning and Environmental Control Committee, this decision follows a review of the changes and follow-up consultations with stakeholders.

At the same time, two additional changes have been introduced, as follows:

The intersection of Bravo Street and Main Street heading up Bravo Hill will be turned into a one way to Royes Street.

From the intersection of Bravo Street and Park Avenue will be one way going towards the parish library.

At the consultation, residents and the business community were given an opportunity to voice their opinions on the traffic changes.

Smoother flow

Representatives from the National Works Agency and the police, among others, agreed that there have been major improvements where traffic is concerned. Traffic flow is smoother and there is less congestion, they said.

Concerns were also expressed. These related to the need for improved road surfaces to accommodate the new traffic flow, traffic lights at certain areas, a stronger police presence, additional signage and relevant markings on roadways, and other issues.

The current situation will last for the holiday period, except for minor changes for Christmas and New Year's Eve.