Sun | Oct 21, 2018

Corruption or incompetence?

Published:Saturday | December 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Peter Espeut lances a painful boil ('Corruption everywhere?', December 12, 2014) when he cites conversations as to whether Jamaicans are guilty of misdiagnosis and covering up incompetence by calling it corruption. But he needs to take the conversation further.

Has the nation's parlous state after 52 years of Independence been largely the result of corruption, political tribalism or incompetence/misdiagnosis ?

Such a painful conversation would need to examine some of what I posit are major misdiagnoses:

1 As repeatedly alluded to by your columnist, former Prime Minister Eddie Seaga, our failure to fix the currency to the US dollar - as Barbados and Belize have done - instead of allowing it to float out to sea and sink (J$114:US$1).

2 The early 1990s failure of more than a dozen banks because of a lack of regulatory controls.

3 The bizarre notion that an economy in any polity - capitalist, socialist, communist or even monarchist - could survive 60-70 per cent interest rates without thousands of businesses being FINSAC'd.

4 The continuing belief that the police and national security ministers - only one half of the criminal justice system - can significantly reduce crime without truly radical changes to an archaic, dysfunctional court system inherited from our colonial masters.


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