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Tis the season to be a good driver

Published:Monday | December 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Even though everyone's crying about hard times, there is bound to be more traffic on the road because of 'Christmas shopping' (nuh ask mi weh people get money from).

So with more vehicles, there are certain driving etiquette that we need to observe more at this time. First of all, don't be a punk with the parking situation in the plazas. If you see a vehicle coming out of a space, and there's a car that was on the other side who was waiting before you, do not tek weh di space! As far as mi concern, a fi dem own. Mi see people nearly fight fi dem ting deh. You siddung a pree di likkle spot from the driver going in wid dem newly bought gifts. Di driver probably even assure you "mi coming out now". And as you out fi go in, smaddy just zuups and kotch up in deh? A eediat ting dat, plain and simple.

Or how about this. When you're in a line of traffic and someone's trying to join it from a side road, you might decide to let them in. Having done so, some of them don't give a little 'toot' of the horn to say thanks. Not even a wave, a nod of the head, nutten! Just tek di bly and gone! That annoys me greatly. I didn't have to let your jalopy (even if is a crissas) out, so the least you can do is acknowledge the gesture. Manners!

This is another one that burns my chest. You ever reach a section of a road where there's an obstruction on the other side? You ever realise the vehicles coming down that side race you to the spot? That's because they don't want to be the one to brake up and wait even though by the law, they should. So, because you not playing the car version of Russian Roulette, you do the safe thing and slow down. The speed racer on the other side could at least acknowledge that you didn't have to stop. But most a dem jus' gone 'bout dem business as if to say 'if yuh neva waan stop, a your business'. Can bun mi yuh see!

I'm not going over the indicator light situation, dat a dead business long time. But there's an issue with lights of a different kind. Ever find yourself travelling along either early in the morning or at night and there are drivers not using their lights. Now even if the other drivers are vampires, owls or cats and can see everything pon di road, the other drivers need to see them! Wuss if dem a drive a black car! So even if you think your lights are overkill, not using them might lead to you getting killed.

Trust me folks, the Yuletide season will pass much easier if everybody just ease off a di foolishness pon di road. And P.S. don't even try tek mi parking space. Mi an' yuh wi war! Later!

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