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Major-Campbell stroking ego

Published:Monday | December 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM


There are at least three good reasons why the action of Anglican priest Sean Major-Campbell, in washing the feet of lesbians in a church service, is not the loving Christian act that he is making it out to be, but is more a demonstration of self-centred showmanship.

None of these reasons has anything to do with loving homosexuals and transgender people, which the controversial Anglican priest set out to demonstrate by washing the feet of the two lesbians and incorporating the testimony of a transgender person into the service at Christ Church in Vineyard Town two Sundays ago.

In the first instance, if foot-washing is a Christian rite among believers, the priest has no business offering it to anyone who does not profess or who openly lives in contradiction to the beliefs of the Church, however much loved. But then Father may simply have been cleansing dirty feet as an act of love and not performing a Christian rite for believers and should have done so in a different setting.

If the news report is correct that the priest conducted his radical act of 'love' without consultation or notice to his surprised and disgruntled congregation and fellow leaders, this is a demonstration of intolerably poor, selfish and autocratic leadership that one would expect J-FLAG, like any other properly run organisation, to reject out of hand.

And if the priest's expression of 'love' now raises the risk level of already vulnerable people in a hostile environment, one of the lesbians openly expressing that fear, it could hardly be considered wise or loving but reckless, foolish, and unloving.

Reverend Major-Campbell's unilateral action, foisted upon his church, with the media happening to be on hand, looks more like the self-stroking of one man's ego, with reckless and selfish disregard for both obligations and consequences than any act of love. Hardly becoming of a Father.