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Lisa Hanna, the 'queen' of Jamaica

Published:Wednesday | December 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I don't know if there has ever been a man who doesn't admire genuine beauty in a woman. Lisa Hanna can rightfully be classified as Jamaica's eternal beauty without a shadow of a doubt.

In spite of so many years which have elapsed since her induction in the hall of fame in the Miss World beauty contest, she has not ceased to be the epitome of beauty in this country. The charm of Lisa makes her the yardstick for beauty in this Jamaica, land we love.

No matter what I am doing, she turns my head whenever she is on my TV; she is so adorable, so true and pure.

We have seen many beautiful Jamaican beauties in the past, but Lisa is incomparable. Her longevity has stood the test of time like my legendary classmate Olympian Merlene Joyce Ottey. Her unique wardrobe taste makes her even more special. She dresses so simple and she is ever presentable, and seems very approachable by persons from all walks of life.

Even in the pouring rain, she is still my permanent beauty. The very sexy depiction of a lady of her hue should not be a problem to any male on the planet. We have permanent fixture in our beauty-filled legacy in Carole Crawford, 1963 first; Patsy Yuen, second, 1973; Cathy Levy, fourth, 1983, and the ever-sparkling Lisa Hanna, first, 1993.

The number we always play is 3, so we can expect any kind deed in a year with 3s. Beauty is to be admired by all and sundry, and in spite of Lisa's political preference I am absolutely certain most Jamaican have found her to absolutely stunning and will concur with me. Lisa, you are our eternal beauty.

Paris Taylor

Greater Portmore, St Catherine