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St Bess consumers limit holiday spending

Published:Tuesday | December 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The Christmas season is usually filled with much excitement caused by the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. However, some persons in St Elizabeth say this Christmas season has been a little bit different for them, as they have had to curtail their spending because of financial constraints.

Alexander White said his main focus was on purchasing the necessities, but he had to be picky where wants were concerned.

"For this, I have to really cut back on my shopping because what I could buy a couple years ago with the dollar, I find that it's reduced by nearly 95 per cent. I can't afford to buy the things that I used to buy," White said. "I have to be picking and choosing to make sure my dollar stretch. I will [still] enjoy my Christmas because Christmas is not about the shopping for me."

Prioritise spending

Carmen Williams said she, too, has had to prioritise her spending.

"I have to cut down on what I spend, but I do it wisely, so if I used to use two tomato in cooking, I use one; if I go to the market, I used to buy two pounds of yam, now I buy a pound and a half and I cut the slices thinner." Williams said.

Marjorie Facey said this year has been no different for her, as she does not normally go out of her way for Christmas.

"I really would like to, but because of the fact that things are expensive and your salary stays the same, so the salary is not able to match up to what you want.

"I am not the one who goes around trying to get new things [just for the season]; I just go with the [necessities] throughout the year," she explained.