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Thieves make off with 400 metres of copper cable

Published:Wednesday | December 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Chad Bryan, Staff Reporter

Telecommunications firm LIME was yesterday working to restore Internet and landline services to a number of residents within Hellshire, St Catherine, after thieves made off with more than $1 million worth of copper cable owned by the company Monday night.

"We're going to try our best to restore it before the Christmas," said Christopher Bryan, LIME head of security, at the site of the theft.

The affected areas in Hellshire included Johnson Hill, Upper Fort 'A' and 'B', Cannon Ridge and Edge Hill.

The 400 metres of cable was stolen from Utility posts along the Hellshire main road.

"Cable theft is exorbitant. We have to do the math by putting together what income is lost from the customer's service, the cost also to replace the cable, labour cost, the material cost, it's a whole lot," Bryan said.

He added that LIME would be working with the police in Hellshire to prevent a recurrence of yesterday's incident. He also pointed out that the last incident of cable theft took place in February last year.

"The police are here with us and they are willing to partner with us," he stated.

Sergeant Simon McCormack of the Hellshire police said the lawmen expected to make an early breakthrough in the matter.