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Negril noise driving away tourists

Published:Wednesday | December 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM


It's most interesting to read the article titled 'Relax noise abatement laws this holiday season, senator asks' (Gleaner, December 20, 2014), as I just emailed National Security Minister Peter Bunting and a deputy superintendent of the Negril police to demand that the Noise Abatement Act be enforced!

I am a foreign investor in Negril, who owns and operates The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel. Three years ago, I had chosen to bring my Canadian brand to Jamaica, and have invested hundreds of millions of dollars. I employ 44 people from the community, pay millions in taxes, and contribute countless hours in social responsibility.

I already have guests tell me that although they love my property, and the people of Jamaica, they will not return here, as the lack of sleep endured is not the type of holiday they were looking for. They've said they will choose another island, where the government respects what tourists want.

This saddens me deeply, as I wonder how many other people have this opinion.

If the Government wants to provide all hours of the night for entertainment, let them do it in their neighbourhoods, and let's see how long this mentality of lax policy exists!



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