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Next up: Lisa in lingerie?

Published:Friday | December 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The saga of Lisa Hanna's bikini is thought-provoking, and one must ask, what's next? A picture of her posing in her lingerie going to bed?

Yes, Ms Hanna looked fabulous in her bikini, and she effectively showed all that females can still be sexy and gorgeous while ageing. But many who progress to have solid wisdom and knowledge of what is sound principle would've chastised teenage girls who reveal too much on social media. Female artistes are also criticised for their over-the-top, revealing wardrobes.

Being the minister of youth and culture puts Ms Hanna in an awkward position. She is representing our creative culture, where expression with a difference is the norm. Her portfolio in the Cabinet also sees her representing our youth.

No one is saying she does not have the right to express herself, but as a professional with leadership responsibilities, a sheer beach wrap would have been more appropriate attire for a social-media post. One has to know where to draw the line.