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Hold off on dental surgery for Gully Bop

Published:Friday | December 26, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Gully Bop, the newest dancehall sensation, is about to headline Magnum Sting on Boxing Day. Two New York-based Jamaica-born dentists, Drs Dwight William and Kerisa Harriott, are offering their services free of charge to ensure that Gully Bop has a brighter smile.

Sounds great, but even though they mean well, it can backfire. Remember Michael Jackson's famous nose. It is well known that alterations to the vocal cavity caused by dental prostheses may affect speech articulation, although influences on the voice are not assumed.

In addition, the vocal fundamental frequency, vibrations of the vocal chords, generates overtones. Through the shape of the larynx and the upper airway, resonances and anti-resonances are formed. In this way, overtones are amplified to a variable extent.

Yes, Gully Bop might be suffering from periodontal 'gum' disease, but, at the moment, his beautiful girlfriend, Shawna Chin, doesn't care. Her smile lights up the world for both of them. His dancehall fans don't care either.

Let him enjoy the moment and make a lot of money, then later on fix his smile. Michael Jackson had the world's best surgeons; it almost cost him his nose.

Gully Bop, maintain the profile for as long as the cash is rolling in and gwaan spit lyrics through those wide open spaces.


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