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LETTER OF THE DAY - Enough with the quest for pity

Published:Monday | December 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:I see that some of us have managed to convince the United Nations to devote an entire decade to people of African descent. I still don't get it - why is it that we black people continue to see the need to harvest as much pity from the world that we can get?

When its' not this decade, it is racial discrimination. When it's not that, it's apartheid. When it's not that, its slavery; and when it's not that, it's the colonisation of Africa and reparations. When are we ever going to grow up?

How is it that, instead of seeking the world's pity because they were enslaved by the Romans, the British, French, Spaniards and others have created great nations? How is it that, instead of seeking pity from the world on account of Europe's past attempts to conquer their country, the Chinese are on the verge of creating the next superpower? How is it that, instead of begging for pity on account of past British rule, India is busy creating a great nation?

Why is it that all of these peoples can move past their challenges, yet we black people continue to remain stuck in the past, wallowing in self-pity?

Isn't it interesting that many of these intellectuals that we have are the ones who continue to preach 'black pride'? How ironic it is that most of these people aren't smart enough to see that instead of strengthening the image of the black man with these 'black awareness' schemes, they are instead reinforcing, and, indeed, confirming in the eyes of many that the black man is inferior and incapable of helping himself and is in need of all the pity he can get?

As a proud black man, I must say that I am getting pretty sick and tired of those who continue to insult me through these schemes. I don't want any special recognition from the United Nations or anybody else. I don't want to guilt anybody for more handouts under the guise of reparations. I don't want to be treated special just because I am black. Enough with the pity.