Tue | Jan 22, 2019

CCJ should be final court of justice

Published:Thursday | January 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) should be Jamaica's final court of justice.

First, to rely on a European country's Privy Council to be Jamaica's final court of justice is like saying that the University of the West Indies can't and/or doesn't deliver the same high calibre of education to its students as Harvard and/or Oxford.

Second, from cost and travel standpoints, it makes far more practical sense for cases to be tried within the region than to be sent and settled outside of it.

Third, if the Caribbean is good enough to educate its tertiary-level students, vis a vis the UWI, and if it's good enough for the region to have its own West Indies cricket team, made up of Caribbean-born cricketers, why, then, shouldn't a Caribbean Court of Justice - presided over by Caribbean judges - become Caribbean citizens' final court of justice?

Those who oppose the CCJ as Jamaica's final court of justice are unpatriotic, unrealistic, unfair and unashamed!

Patrick A. Gallimore