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Gleaner misguided on gender equality

Published:Friday | January 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

Your Editorial on Sunday, December 28, 2014, 'Gender Equality in the Church', displays a singular lack of understanding of 'The Church'.

It equates it to a secular organisation like a political organisation. A wrong premise will always lead to a wrong conclusion. It is not correct, if one is to discuss the Church of the Judeo-Christian Bible revealed by Jesus Christ, to do so outside of the teachings of the Bible. To do this would be like criticising the Ford motorcar built by Henry Ford without following the manual on the car, written by Ford.

Your editorial errs when it heralds the appointment of Mrs (Libby) Lane as a bishop of the Anglican Church as a "turning point", "a fresh start", and "a new and exciting beginning" that may halt "the declining numbers of churchgoers".

The Lutheran Church and The Episcopalian Church who have followed this path, and the Presbyterian Church, have continued to lose members. It has not helped them. Indeed, once the church loses its distinctiveness and looks and behaves like the world around it, that is, it ceases to be salt and light, it dies. Those who remain in such churches are as dead as the organisation. The churches that are vibrant and growing are the ones that proclaim and act on the truth of the Scriptures.

Your editorial is wrong on another count when it argues for the ordination of women to satisfy "clerical gender equality". Perhaps you should consult the person who created His Church to find out if this is a correct position. You will find it is not. Not because women are inferior, but because they occupy a different position in God's order and it is not for you or anyone else to advocate to change it. You would, thereby, be apostate and heretic and abominable in His sight. Indeed, your statement that women are being "held back from occupying senior positions" in the church is akin to the argument presented by Satan to Eve when advocating disobedience to God. You have chosen great company!

Lesbian bishops

Finally, you go beyond arguing for gender equality in the church and compound your error in advocating in support of your position, the appointment of lesbian bishops in several churches. Since when has the practice of wrong made right, wrong? You are confused because you have no core, no compass by which to judge right and wrong. Rather, your compass is the shifting sand of public mores which is moving in only one direction.

The church that remains true to its founder will continue to grow and is undefeatable.

Perhaps if you stood for truth, you would once again be relevant to our country.

Malcolm McDonald